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Our Legal Services

At Hayes eLaw, we always provide clients with experience in specialized areas of law, expertise in dealing with complex, cutting-edge legal issues, and excellence in providing high-quality legal solutions at a reasonable price.

Whether it’s patents, trade-marks, copyright or trade secrets, intellectual property is the backbone of your business. Our experienced professionals will assist in ensuring that your valuable IP assets are protected.

Your business can’t run without technology, but it can be difficult to keep track of all of the legal intricacies involved. Let the Hayes eLaw team of experts guide you through the maze so that you can leverage your technology and increase your competitiveness.

Privacy laws are increasingly complex and compliance is a challenge. You need information, but you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of an expensive investigation or lawsuit. Hayes eLaw has some of Canada’s Leading privacy lawyers available to assist you.

Understanding and negotiating the rights for music, video, and internet content can be a minefield. Hayes eLaw has represented artists and performers, broadcasters, record labels, sports leagues, and many others. We can help in sorting out what needs to be done. 

Commercial contracts in technology, IP, media, and e-commerce are hard to navigate. We negotiate and advise on various agreements, including sales, licensing, and outsourcing, with a focus on critical issues to minimize costs and get deals done. 


Our Arbitration &
Mediation Services

Hayes Resolutions offers arbitration and mediation services for commercial and regulatory litigation concerns, including administrative tribunals, arbitrations, mediations, and all levels

of courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mark Hayes of Hayes Resolutions is a seasoned arbitrator with 40+ years of experience in commercial and regulatory litigation. Specializing in technology, e-commerce, intellectual property, and privacy disputes, Mark's practical approach and business background assure cost-effective, unbiased, and efficient resolutions. Available internationally as a sole arbitrator or as part of a panel.

Hayes Resolutions provides expert mediation services to help disputing parties achieve amicable solutions. Mark Hayes' extensive experience in advocacy informed his interest-based approach to mediation; he helps all parties identify their real interests and craft creative solutions to achieve a win-win resolution. Hayes Resolutions also provides mediation-arbitration combination services in circumstances where all parties agree.

For a reasonable price, Hayes Resolutions opens its doors to all clients pursuing our mediation and arbitration services. Our friendly, welcoming offices on Queen Street East boast two spacious boardrooms as well as a number of smaller breakout rooms for your convenience. Just two minutes away from downtown with ample onsite parking, our facilities are perfect for all your conflict resolution needs.

Firm Publications

Our lawyers regularly publish articles and notes on legal issues of interest to clients. Review our latest publications to learn more about our partners and their expertise.


Our Rankings
& Recognition

Our firm and lawyers consistently receive recognition for our work. Explore some of our recent rankings and rewards:

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